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May 28, 2014

4 Simple key points that help in Android App Development

According to the survey of smartphone users it is reviled that 75% people are using Android phones. So, it is clear that why rise in android application development. Thus, if you are android developer and want to make career in android app development then you need to follow some key points as following:

Point 1: Identify exact need of end user

When you are working with clients for any android app development that time it is advisable to understand exact requirements of the user for that application. Because one misconception can lead to waste of time and money and losing of clients trust for our work. So, carry out the needs of project in definite way then create wireframe.

Point 2: Focus on feature reach app development

Always keep your wireframe in your minds at the time of application development. It is advisable to includes all suggested features and possible all remaining features to an app. Because a feature rich application can drive more reviews and downloads.

Point 3: Hand on expert testing of app

Once the app is developed, either its simple or complex app to attempt testing is must. Bevuase, testing the application will detect bugs and point your eyes to correcting them. Thus, in that way you can deliver flawless version of1 the app to your clients.

Point 4: Do Pre-launch Marketing

Only marketing can give you desired benefit of your app. You can start marketing of your app before its launch like pre-launch market and crate hype for your app in market.